Selling SIP Trunking: What SMBs Need To Understand

For many small and medium-sized businesses, SIP Trunking is the right solution at the right time. It’s an efficient way for businesses to gain access to the increased visibility, scalability and reliability of Unified Communications.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking delivers signaling tools that connect numerous devices across an organization, making it the worthwhile service that Interconnects and MSPs can provide for their customers. However, the sale isn’t necessarily easy. Business owners may understand the upside of unified communications for their business, but they'll often have concerns about migrating away from their existing system. After all, change is hard.

With that in mind, here are the considerations that Interconnects and MSPs should make sure their customers comprehend when considering best practices for the migration to SIP Trunking:


Despite some myths about the total cost of ownership caused by misunderstanding the subscription model of communications services, SIP Trunking will save your customers money. SIP Trunking centralizes services and offers economies of scale. When trying to assist business owners in deciding whether to make the switch, this is the factor most likely to push them over the tipping point. However, it is not what providers should lead with.


Businesses need to understand that the reliability of their service depends largely on the interoperability of their legacy system with the VoIP system to which they’re connecting. We recommend staying up to date on the evolution of this issue through the folks at SIP Forum to remain informed so that you can provide the best advice to your customers.


Typically, SIP trunking increases quality of service, but it relies on the cloud service provider's ability to properly set up SIP Trunks. When optimized to the network, VoIP quality surpasses that of old-style TDM.


This is often a topic that gets sensationalized, and the flames can get fanned by parties with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. However, built with the proper protections, such as Session Border Controllers (SBC), SIP Trunking is very secure. Proper programming, redundancy, encryption and packet-filtering deliver higher levels of security for voice and data.

A Robust Platform

It’s also obviously important to put your customers on a robust platform that can meet their needs and has a demonstrable track record of success. For the Interconnect or MSP, this means having a go-to platform that can be easily customized to fit customer requirements, and that simplifies the process of selling, delivering, managing and invoicing.

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