Opportunity for Cloud Services Providers: The Reality of Mobility

The Consumer Electronics Show just wrapped up in Las Vegas, generating headlines and showcasing lots of cool new innovations. And, as has been the case for the last several years, mobile technology garnered most of those headlines. And the biggest trend at this year's CES was Wearable Tech.

The underlying movement towards wearable tech is helping to create an expanded opportunity for cloud services providers. Obviously, CES is focused on consumer electronics, so you might think that it doesn’t have any real application for the business-to-business world. But that’s just not true, because the lines between business and personal life have blurred, meaning the employees working at small or medium-sized businesses – i.e., Cloud Services Providers’ customers – expect to have access to information wherever they are.

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These employees are demanding mobility. And the customers of these businesses are expecting fast action, day-in, day-out. Mobility is a reality now, and no business can pretend it doesn’t exist.

For Interconnects and MSPs, the mobility imperative is an opportunity; many companies are still struggling with how to accommodate their mobile employees. Most understand that the company that enables its workers to work no matter where they are in the world is the company that can spring ahead of the competition.

However, they are often stuck. They need their smartphone and their tablet and their laptop to work in close conjunction with the office communications system or platforms such as Salesforce, and they need them all to integrate seamlessly.

Cloud-enabled Unified Communications is the answer.

Cloud-based Unified Communications can be customized to meet any business requirement. It offers flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, not to mention increased collaboration. It's a way that businesses can activate their mobile employees in order to maximize productivity and real time information sharing.

Interconnects and MSPs that align themselves with the right platform can deliver an elegant solution that creates a seamless communications flow. And it’s almost always less expensive than a business’ inefficient existing system of disparate tools.

The service provider that is able to assist businesses to embrace mobility and activate greater business agility is the service provider that will win in this fast-changing marketplace.