6 Reasons Your Customers *DID* Switch to Hosted VoIP This Year

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[Editor's Note: Earlier this year, we posted a blog titled Six Reasons Your Customers Should Switch to Hosted VoIP. 2013 was a huge year for hosted PBX and VoIP and 2014 looks to continue that trend. So, here are 6 reasons why your customer base DID switch to hosted VoIP this year, and why the trend will continue.]

If you’re selling Hosted VoIP and cloud communications, you’re likely already convinced that it’s the future of business communications. But convincing your customers and prospects can be a sticking point as you try to grow your business.

“For those of us in the industry, it’s sometimes easy to be too far out in front of the end customer and forget what their primary concerns are,” said CoreDial CEO Alan Rihm. “It’s important for us to step back occasionally and view the big picture.”

With that in mind, here are six truths about Hosted VoIP that you should be sure to remind your customers:

  1. High quality. There is still some antiquated thinking out there that the quality of Hosted VoIP calls might not be as good as premise based solutions. But the proliferation of high speed broadband means that quality is not only possible for Hosted VoIP, but it should be expected. It all comes down to performing a good installation, and managing a quality LAN and WAN.
  2. Ready for Mobility. Most businesses are preparing to enable a more mobile workforce; with smartphones, tablets and ubiquitous Wi-Fi it just makes more sense to enable their employees to work anywhere. Hosted VoIP makes the mobile experience seamless for employees and their clients because of its inherent flexibility, and ability to interconnect with virtually all mobile devices and software.
  3. Unified Communications. As you likely know, Unified Communications is where we’re headed – the ability to wrap together voice, data, mobile communications and applications. Hosted VoIP enables UC, and it does so without the need for great upheaval for the customer; employee training is straightforward and simple, and once the system is in place, the business can achieve previously unthinkable levels of collaboration. 
  4. Future proofing. This is a major benefit of any hosted application. Because the software in the cloud is always updated and managed for you and your customers, the end customer doesn’t have to worry about being stuck with obsolete technology. 
  5. Cost savings. Because your customer doesn’t need to purchase expensive new equipment to upgrade its communications infrastructure, there’s an immediate cost savings. And because everything comes into their system though highly available broadband connectivity, there’s ongoing savings as well. Cost savings frankly is not the most important reason for a business to switch to Hosted VoIP, but it might be the one that convinces them to make the move.
  6. Flexibility. Hosted VOIP enables a business to scale up or down as needed, quickly and efficiently. In uncertain times, this provides peace of mind for small business operators looking to minimize risk.
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