Is Business Process Automation the Key to Cloud Communications?

Managing an Interconnect or Managed Service Provider is not an easy prospect these days. Business owners are pulled in multiple directions every day as they try to keep up with emerging trends, solve complex problems, answer customer questions, solve issues that arise and, oh by the way, try to secure new customers.

cloud communicationsThat's a lot.

For Interconnects and MSPs, there are four major aspects of the business:

    • Selling cloud services
    • Delivering those services to customers
    • The ongoing day-in, day-out management of those services
    • Getting paid for providing those services

This model isn’t significantly different from most service-oriented businesses. However, the complexity of cloud communications and the fast-moving changes within the industry create a much higher degree of difficulty. The result is that many service providers have to be content with merely keeping all the plates spinning, rather than growing their business.

That reality is a shame for many Interconnects and MSPs, because if they could find a better way to handle the details of their business processes they could take advantage of the rapidly emerging need for cutting edge business communications. Small and medium-sized businesses are lining up to take advantage of cloud-based Unified Communications; a recent report projects that SMB adoption of Unified Communications will have a compound annual growth rate of more than 13 percent over the next several years. In other words, it’d be a huge waste of an opportunity to be stuck spinning your wheels while the market is taking off.

cloud communications

Forward thinking providers are automating these business processes, which isn’t the same as “hit a button and everything gets taken care of.” What it means is that they’re embracing a platform that enables them to sell, deliver, manage and invoice for their services in a more efficient way. This helps them avoid getting stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day service they provide, and focus on operating their business in a more agile way. It makes their business move more quickly. And that enables them, ultimately, to provide better service to their customers and move more quickly in order to secure new customers.

For Interconnects and MSPs, this is the moment of opportunity. The window will not stay open for very long. It’s time to embrace a better way to increase efficiency and meet the market demand.

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