Unified Communications Poised to Take Off in 2014

unified communicationsA recent report from consulting firm MarketsandMarkets forecasts a significant jump in the Unified Communications-as-a-Service market next year and in the years ahead. Specifically, the report projects that the market will more than triple over the next five years, to more than $7.5 billion.

This is good news for Interconnects and MSPs that deliver unified communications to businesses. Of course, capitalizing on the coming opportunity requires service providers to be positioned to do so.

Unified Communications – the seamless integration of voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies to improve communications, processes, and business productivity – is rising in popularity with small and medium-sized businesses because of the pace of business and the consumer-driven ability to always be reachable.

Service providers than can help change the game for SMBs stand to win a lot of business. By delivering unified communication services to end-user customers, Interconnects and MSPs position themselves as critical partners in that customer’s success. It can make the provider an indispensable ally.

Typically, SMBs are aware of the possibilities that Unified Communications can bring to their business, but likely, they're not an expert on how it works. Therefore, they’re looking for a partner they can trust to guide them towards the best solution for their business, both now and in the future.

unified communications

As some vendors have discovered, the sales process can be complex and onboarding a new customer requires more time than expected for the service provider. CoreDial’s SwitchConnex platform is built with this in mind; it’s designed to be a full business solution that makes it easy for service providers to sell, deliver, manage and invoice for cloud communications and Unified Communications services. It has built-in flexibility for providers, and that flexibility will only expand in 2014.

One last thing to consider is that unified communication services of today are almost certainly not the unified communication services of tomorrow. In other words, expect change, and be prepared for it. That means Interconnects and MSPs need to align with a platform that is robust today, but also is flexible and scalable moving into the future.

There’s a lot of blue sky ahead for Interconnects and MSPs, but they need to choose the right partners to help them fully realize the opportunity. The arms race is on.

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