What’s More Important for Business: Agility or Cost Containment?

Decision-makers at small to medium sized businesses are accustomed to weighing their options and making trade-offs. Making either/or decisions comes with the territory. So when they’re considering an upgrade to their existing communications system, their natural inclination may be to think they have to choose between saving money and positioning their business for future growth.

cloud communications

If you know anything about cloud communications, you know that’s a false choice. 

The initial interest in moving communications onto the cloud might very well be price oriented. With no expensive PBX equipment to buy, SMBs don’t need to write that big check that always makes them pause and wonder if there’s a better way. And the recurring monthly fee they pay to their provider is typically both affordable and consistent, meaning it’s easier for them to predict costs instead of the financial rollercoaster that phone systems sometimes became in the past.

But for Interconnects and MSPs selling cloud communications, focusing on price is undercutting the value you can bring to the SMB. Because cloud-based unified communications can be like rocket fuel for their business, rather than looking down at spreadsheets, they should be looking up at the possibilities of creating a fully integrated communications environment that includes voice, video, data, IM, mobility and 3rd party applications such as Salesforce.

Being able to seamlessly transfer information throughout a company is a significant advantage for the business. It enables them to accurately address customer queries in real time; there’s no having to go back to the office to crosscheck the request with information from a different silo of the company.  SMBs on the cloud typically realize increased productivity, enhanced collaboration and increased efficiency.

By having easy access to information and colleagues, tasks get done more quickly, and decisions get made faster. In other words, they have much greater agility in responding to events. 

In this age of acceleration, being able to move quickly and pivot when needed is a critical success factor for your SMB customers.

cloud communications

For Interconnects and MSPs, this is the opportunity when it comes to selling to your customers – you really can promise them that they can have cost containment AND business agility. To do so you need to be aligned with a platform that systematizes the selling, delivering, managing and invoicing for cloud communications.

The upside for your business is increased revenue and the ability to grow your business more quickly as you efficiently manage customers. In other words, the right platform will also deliver cost containment and business agility to your company.