How to be a Great Cloud Partner for your Customers

Small and medium sized businesses are hearing a lot about the cloud. They hear about the cost savings, the efficiency and the many business advantages of moving their communications to a hosted solution. They’re also baffled and intimidated by the complexities of the technology. The result is that many of them are paralyzed by analysis, unsure of how to move forward with a solution they suspect can be great for their business.

cloud partner

What business owners need in order to be confident in moving their communications to the cloud is a trusted guide who can introduce them to the new technology. They need a great partner—Interconnects  and MSPs who can fulfill this role will be well positioned to win new business and create lasting relationships.

Here are the keys to turning you Interconnect or MSP into a great cloud partner for your customers:

  • Understand the customer’s business. The way to gain an understanding about your prospect’s business is to ask questions. The better you understand their business, the better you’ll be able to help them envision how unified communications can benefit them.
  • Understand your own business. This might seem like a no-brainer, but the technology is changing rapidly and it’s important that you’re on top of it. It might seem shocking, but a lot of providers are a step behind on the latest developments. But it’s not enough to simply know the technology, you also need to understand its business application so that you can counsel your customers and enable them to fully realize the upside of the cloud.
  • Be great at implementation. SMBs will often have trepidation over the process of switching to the cloud – they fear change and disruption to their business.  They fear the implementation process will create inefficiencies – even if they’re temporary – and force them to lose focus on mission critical tasks. Interconnects and MSPs should align themselves with a platform that offers as seamless an experience as possible for the end customer.
  • Deliver on the promise of affordable unified communications. Cost savings is one of the initial reasons SMBs become aware of unified communications. Then they learn about all the other upside aspects of it. But the cost savings remains a key component of the decision. Choosing the right platform to ensure that you can deliver cutting edge unified communications in an affordable way is an important decision for all service providers.
  • Be a partner, not a salesman. We all know that the sales process is critical for business growth. However, it’s important to remember that SMBs have a multitude of options when it comes to choosing a cloud provider. They’re not going to choose the pushy salesman; they’re going to choose the provider that seems to be ready, willing and able to help their business grow.

Enable your customers to increase profits and productivity. Find out how.

At the heart of each of these five pillars is the notion that you’re focused on the customer. In this new era of business, companies don’t want to be sold to; they want to be helped. If you can become the helpful, customer-focused service provider they’re seeking, you’ll ultimately win the business.