IDG Study Shows Momentum of Cloud Communications

We know you’re out there, and we know you’re still holding out on the cloud. Maybe you’re convinced that cloud communications is the future of our business, but you’re having difficulty finding the bandwidth to add a cloud offering. That’s understandable – there are only so many hours in the day. Or perhaps you’re still among the unconvinced. If that’s the case, the toothpaste is already out of the tube, and a new study points to increasing comfort with and adoption of the cloud.

The study was released recently by IDG. It showed, among other things that cloud adoption has jumped by an average of ten percent in the last 12 months. IDG projects that within two years more than half of IT budgets will be allocated to cloud resources.

Cloud Communication Migration

The move to the cloud is picking up pace because SMB executives see significant upside for their business. Consider:

  • 49 percent of executive-level management views cloud computing as transformational to their business strategies.

  • Just five percent have ruled out the cloud as an option for their business.

  • The executives are attracted to the cloud by numerous advantages. They list the following as the top drivers of their interest in moving to the cloud: enabling business continuity (named by 43 percent of respondents), greater flexibility to react to changing market conditions (40 percent), speed of deployment (39 percent) and improving customer support or services (38 percent).

  • Fifty-six percent of executives said they believe moving to the cloud can accelerate business value by providing access to critical business data and applications, paving the way for greater innovation and collaboration.

In short, they see a lot of upside and minimal risk. For Interconnects and MSPs, it all adds up to a good time to get into the cloud communications game.

You’ve very likely seen this in your conversations with current customers and prospects. While it’s true that creating a new business line isn’t something you can do this afternoon, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you choose the right platform.

Offering cloud communications services to your customers can pave the way to a recurring revenue stream, help you grow and future-proof your business, and create a tighter bond with your end customers who will reap the business advantages.

The upside is too big to ignore. And the market is moving swiftly.


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