5 Best Reasons to Resell Cloud Communications

If you’re an Interconnect or MSP, you might still be holding back from selling cloud communications. And you’re not alone; despite all the talk about cloud communications, there are a lot of providers who are hanging back. However, it seems clear that the tipping point is coming soon, and providers that don’t act will be left behind.

Cloud Communications Growth

There are many reasons to get into the game right now. Here are the top five:

  1. Recurring revenue. Whether you’re an Interconnect or an MSP, recurring revenue is good. Like an annuity that continually provides a payout, recurring revenue gives you an opportunity to build your business, month over month over month. Cloud communications services are sticky, meaning that as long as you provide professional service you don’t have much customer churn. So the recurring revenue starts to pile up fairly quickly.

  2. Grow your business. For Interconnects, reselling cloud communications is a must-make move; it’s just a matter of time, and waiting any longer could realistically imperil the business you’ve built. Adding Hosted PBX, VoIP and Unified Communications to your offering positions you for growth because they're additional services that fit perfectly with your current business. For Interconnects, offering cloud communications enables you generate more revenue and begin to transition towards a leading edge solution that is increasingly in demand. And for MSPs, offering cloud communications is a natural extension of your current managed services and provides you with a greater share of wallet with your customers. 

  3. Diversify your business. Diversifying your business is smart. However, the new services you offer have to fit hand-in-glove with your current offering; if not, then you’re too scattered. Whether you’re an Interconnect or an MSP, offering cloud communications works, and it mitigates the risk of selling just one thing. 

  4. Help your SMB customers succeed. Moving your customers to the cloud is good for their business. It’s cost effective and efficient, and holds the promise of increased productivity and smoother business processes. Businesses communicating on the cloud are generally more agile then their PBX-bound counterparts. If you move your customers to the cloud, you’re providing a boost to their business, and they’ll likely show their gratitude for a long time to come. 

  5. Future-proof your business. Everything is moving to the cloud. Some people might dispute that, but the evidence is overwhelming. Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, the advantages of moving to the cloud are too good to ignore. And those SMBs are making the move. Therefore, it behooves you to be the provider to take them there. By offering cloud communications to your customers, you’re ensuring that your business has an opportunity to thrive into the future.

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