How Hosted VoIP Can Fuel Small Business Growth

Small and medium-sized businesses are battling every day to stay ahead of their competition. They’re looking for any advantage they can get. As an Interconnect or MSP providing communications services to them, you have the opportunity to have a significant positive impact on those businesses by delivering a Hosted Voice over IP solution to them.
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In addition to the cost savings associated with moving to Hosted VoIP, there are multiple business benefits that quickly become far more important because they have a major positive impact on day-to-day operations.

Those benefits include:

  • Operational efficiency: A VoIP system streamlines communications, which enables an SMB’s workforce to work smarter rather than harder. Consider the simplicity created by a feature such as click-to-dial. Rather than looking up a colleague’s phone extension or punching in the number and waiting for her to pick up, you can simply look on your computer screen and click the person’s extension. It saves about 15-20 seconds per call, which might not sound like much, but for employees that spend the day making phone calls it adds up to a very significant time saver. With Hosted VoIP, employees have access to features such as voicemail-to-email, unified communications, video conferencing, online collaboration, presence, and access anywhere.
  • A more informed sales team: Having the most up-to-date information isn’t always easy for salespeople in the field. They’re typically working off a mobile device and don’t have access to internal files. But with Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications, they can easily access those files, as well as connect with colleagues. If the salesperson needs information in real time, it’s there. That saves time and can be the difference between winning and losing a new account.
  • Cohesive internal communications: Collaboration is the key in this information-rich era. Businesses are inundated with information, but making sense of it is not easy. Of course, there have been online tools and mobile phones that have made this somewhat possible, but unified communications through Hosted VoIP eliminates the silos that stand between distinct and separate tools and devices. Once a team is easily moving in the same direction, it becomes easier to generate business momentum.
  • Improved customer relations: When a customer tells Customer-Facing Person A about an issue, and then encounters Customer-Facing Person B a week later only to find that Customer-Facing Person B still hasn’t heard about this issue, that creates a negative impression. With Hosted VoIP enabling Unified Communications, information from the field is instantaneously distributed throughout the company.

In the Information Age, communication has become far more important than ever before in business history. Hosted VoIP has the power to help SMBs drive more business – and that is a great opportunity for the provider who takes them to the cloud
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