Helping Customers Embrace The Mobile Office with VoIP

shutterstock 117796978News Flash – Today’s workers are constantly on the go. People work everywhere these days – in coffee shops, elevators and even on “vacation” halfway around the world, creating the mobile office. The ubiquity of mobile devices has made this possible - it’s been projected that 80 percent of online access will be through mobile devices by 2015. And a recent study showed that more than half of American mobile users have smartphones.

For an employer, there is a significant opportunity in leveraging this reality; the company that enables its workers to work no matter where they are in the world is the company that can spring ahead of the competition. But this new virtual and mobile workforce requires greater connectivity. They need their smartphone and their tablet and their laptop to work in close conjunction with the office communications system. They’re looking for a seamless experience. Smart employers want to deliver.

Whether they know what it's called, they want a Voice over IP solution to enable optimum collaboration and help their team in the field be as agile as possible. They know, conceptually, that ubiquitous access to voice and data will create better business agility and help them to beat their competition. They logically understand that VoIP can help increase their company’s productivity. And they hear from their employees that they want the ability to work on-the-go, so they know that enabling mobility through VoIP will increase employee satisfaction.

However, many business owners believe they need a very elaborate and expensive solution. They’re accustomed to a built-in inefficiency. To them, using multiple devices that don’t speak to each other is just business as usual. However, Interconnects and MSPs that align themselves with the right white label cloud communications platform can deliver an elegant solution that creates a seamless communications flow for the mobile office. And it’s almost always less expensive than their old school, inefficient system.

For Interconnects and MSPs, there is opportunity in helping your customers overcome the obstacles to enabling a truly mobile workforce. By demonstrating a clear path forward for your customers, you can position your company as an indispensable partner.

In the future, most companies – and most of your customers – will need to enable a mobile workforce. If you’re able to assist them in getting there today, it’s not just a win for them; it’s a win for you.

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