Key Considerations For MSPs Selling Hosted PBX Solutions

shutterstock 133746035As a Managed Service Provider, you very likely see an obvious new revenue stream in front of you that appears to fit well with your current business model – cloud communications services.

However, there are many options and many questions to be asked when considering adding Hosted PBX Solutions to the services you deliver. Here’s a checklist of considerations MSPs should make before diving into the Hosted PBX pool.

1. How will offering Hosted PBX Solutions position you in the marketplace? Consider the reality of your current competitive market and where you sit in it. Are you losing business to a competitor that already offers Hosted PBX Solutions? Do you see an opportunity to take business from some other provider? Are your current customers asking you for Hosted PBX Solutions? Do you simply see an opportunity? Knowing the answers to these questions is important as you determine if the timing is right to expand your offering.

2. How does the platform you’re considering meet your clients’ tech requirements? This requires an understanding of your existing clients and other prospects you intend to approach. What is their system like today? For instance, if the prospect has Hosted PBX currently, they very likely own softphones they’ll want to continue to use – can the platform you’re considering accommodate their equipment.

3. How quickly can you get to revenue positive? You’ll be devoting resources to this new business line, so it’s important to have a very clear roadmap of the months and years ahead. This should include cost and revenue projections as well as a basic sales and marketing plan. Pay close attention to costs; many carrier agent programs offer a marginal fee to you as a Hosted PBX reseller. You need to have a clear understanding of how you make money, as well as a reasonable timeframe for making it happen.

4. Does the provider have a proven track record of success? It’s important to align yourself with a partner that has demonstrated a pattern of helping its partners succeed. Ask for case studies and references.

5. How good is the training offered? As smart as you are, this is a new business line you’re entering and you’re going to need training. Therefore, it’s imperative that you align your company with a provider that has a robust training program that enables you to hit the ground running.

Adding Hosted PBX Solutions to your existing offering can open up the doors to new prospects that have interest in voice communications, as well as be interested in your existing MSP services. This enables you to cross-sell your core services and grow your business quickly. As long as you choose the right platform to offer.

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