Is Hosted PBX The New Business Standard?

Hosted PBX Business StandardIt’s been at least five years since some people declared Hosted PBX as the “winner” of the battle for supremacy in business communications. In some ways, that is true. But on the other hand, there is still a long way to go – according to Infonetics Research, only an estimated 20 percent of the market has adopted a hosted communications solution.

So, strictly speaking, Hosted PBX is not quite a business standard. But when you look at the same Infonetics study that projects unified communications becoming a $377 Billion market in the next couple years, it’s fair to say that we’re headed in that direction; there’s been wide adoption, but there are still plenty of businesses who are holdouts, clinging to their premise-based PBX.

“The numbers offer an interesting, if not encouraging perspective of the direction we’re heading in,” said Alan Rihm, CEO of CoreDial. “We believe that the leading indicators project a really good scenario for Interconnects and MSPs – Hosted PBX is a proven solution, and the end customers want cloud communications solutions, so all this means plenty of opportunity for our Interconnect and MSP partners.”

For service providers delivering communications services to end user customers, it’s a matter of spelling out the business advantages – including high quality service, the flexibility of Unified Communications, lower TCO, enhanced cash flow and future-proof technology.

If you’re selling to these businesses – particularly to SMBs looking for every advantage they can get – it’s critical to help them to understand the benefits, as well as the big picture of where technology is headed. Some competitors might suggest that businesses will have more control, more features, or more security if they have a premise-based system, but we now know this isn’t true. Cloud communications (aka “hosted solutions”) typically offer the same or better control and features, better security, and are virtually future proof. Most SMBs don’t have a top-notch IT team with extra time to manage a PBX the was a cloud provider does.

We’re living in an era in which business owners are confronted with numerous big decisions. Given the momentum of adoption of Hosted PBX, and the business advantages to individual companies, it seems that moving towards a Hosted solution should be one of the easier decisions.

The momentum towards wider adoption of Hosted PBX seems clear, and for most end user customers getting on board now makes good business sense.