What We're Thinking On WebRTC

Thinking on WebRTCThere’s a lot of buzz building about WebRTC – browser-based real time communications. The concept is very exciting because it holds the promise of enabling real-time audio and video to be embedded right in a web browser via simple Javascript APIs and HTML5. If you believe what people are saying, it has the power to change the way businesspeople communicate.

Right now, the future is still a bit murky. The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) community started moving us down this path as part of its work on HTML5. Now, the ball is in the court of the W3C WebRTC Working Group; the expectation is that we’ll get draft specifications from them sometime in the first half of this year, with the possibility of the specs being “recommended” by year’s end. Then, it’ll be go time.

At CoreDial, we’ve spent a lot of time peeling back the layers to find out everything we can about WebRTC, and we’ll continue to keep our eye on the latest developments. We’ll also continue to brainstorm on what it means for CoreDial, our partner community and their customers, and our overall Software ecosystem. We’re especially interested in how it all fits together, and if our pre-building apps for our Partners and their customers makes most sense, or if 3rd party developers will embrace building the apps that companies and their users will utilize. It’s unlikely, in our opinion, that WebRTC will enable companies to totally bypass the PSTN anytime soon, so does that limit the value of WebRTC to replacing the desk phone, or large company integrations into legacy applications? Only time will tell. And, the question that’s always at the root of most new innovative technologies – who’s going to make money on WebRTC and how? Figuring out that last question will likely provide the answer to many of the other questions.

We’ll continue to evaluate how and when we’re going to move forward with this exciting new technology, but it does appear to offer a compelling option to certain aspects of cloud communications.

We welcome our partners’ feedback and thoughts on WebRTC, and other cutting edge technology innovations, and we can assure them that we intend to be on the leading edge of what happens with cloud and business communications.