9 Impressive Ways SIP Trunking Can Be a Powerful Business Advantage

Smart businesses are surrendering their Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and enhancing their telecom network with SIP trunking. SIP trunking eliminates the physical interface, and enables end users to access a virtual connection. This decreases the installation and maintenance of their telecom network, while saving them money. According to a 2012 study, roughly one-third of respondents were utilizing SIP trunking as their primary interface. As more businesses learn about the significant advantages SIP trunks can provide their company, that number will continue to rise.

1. Cost

SIP trunking costs considerably less than PRI, and it allows users to increase or decrease trunks as needed. Users can update their subscription at any time to adjust to fluctuating usage, rather than being bound to a fixed service agreement.


SIP trunking

With lower monthly rates and customizable subscriptions, businesses save big money over time.


2. Mobility

Whereas PRI can only be accessed via on-premise telecom networks, SIP trunking allows users to tap into their network from any device, which provides businesses with maximum flexibility.

3. Dependability

SIP trunking is far more reliable than PRI. Users have the ability to reroute all calls to mobile devices, so their network will run seamlessly, even in the midst of a power outage.

4. Scalability

Efficient scaling is an imperative feature in high-growth industries. Due to the virtual interface of SIP, increasing usage is as simple as adding virtual trunks. Trunks can be added within minutes through an online account, so hectic businesses needn't hassle with the elaborate installation process of PRI.

5. Productivity

Due to the improved functionality of SIP trunking, businesses can cut down on labor and time. With advanced phone features built-in, businesses can respond more quickly to phone calls, allowing them to provide superior customer service to their clientele. With increased mobility and versatility, SIP trunking will also improve workplace collaboration, which will optimize efficiency and improve employee morale.

6. Ease-of-use

Standard landline networks entail ample software and hardware, an installation team, and an IT crew to manage it. With SIP trunking, the initial setup and continued maintenance are simplified, and users have continual control over their account, allowing them to adjust their services as needed.

7. Functionality

With advanced features like virtual auto attendant and Find Me/ Follow Me, users can experience a wider range of services for less money.


SIP Trunking

With countless features available, companies can improve the versatility of their network.


8. Long-distance charges

For globalized companies that require frequent overseas communication, phone bills can be crushingly expensive. With SIP trunking, long-distance charges are greatly decreased, allowing businesses to attend to all overseas calls without stressing about their budget.

9. Eliminate 800 numbers

With SIP trunking, users have the ability to set up local numbers at each of their locations. This not only provides a more personalized touch for consumers, but it also saves money, since 800 numbers typically come at an elevated price.

SIP trunking offers businesses the ability to increase convenience and efficiency, enhance mobility and global communications, improve their customer service, and substantially decrease cost. With the improved functionality and ease-of-use, companies can cut overhead costs and optimize the productivity of their workplace. The ability to substantially improve a telecom network while reducing routine expenses clearly sets SIP trunking ahead of standard landline telecom. For budget-conscious businesses in need of a scalable solution, SIP trunking is the ideal choice.

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