7 Things VoIP Resellers Should Know About Hosted PBX

Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone service that's delivered and managed via a third-party provider. Unlike ordinary telephone networks, hosted PBX is accessed through the Internet, and it's an IP-based phone network that provides increased mobility to end users. If you're considering becoming a VoIP reseller, there are some key facts about hosted PBX that you need to know.

Multiple_devices.pngUnlike traditional telecom, hosted PBX can be used through any device.

1. It offers similar features as on-premises telecom. All of the features offered through on-premises telecom can be accessed through hosted PBX. However, in addition to the traditional services, hosted PBX offers more options, due to the Internet-based platform. Namely, your end users will be able to connect all of their business and personal devices to the telecom network, allowing them to connect to the company network from anywhere in the world.

2. It can be used for residential or business telecom. Whether you're an MSP providing services to businesses or looking to be a residential service provider, hosted PBX can cater to both aspects of the market. While business VoIP tends to be more popular, many companies also prosper selling VoIP specifically to residential areas.

3. It offers a recurring revenue stream. Hosted PBX can help to create a stable revenue stream for MSPs because it's sold based on monthly subscriptions. This provides you with consistent revenue every month, rather than having clients purchase lump-sum packages.

4. It's easy to manage and sell. Provided you choose an inclusive platform that allows you to sell, manage, deliver, and invoice all from a single source, selling hosted PBX services is easy and efficient. It allows MSPs to create a streamlined business model, eliminating wasted time and allowing you to make better use of your resources.

5. The industry is growing. If you're an MSP seeking to increase your profit potential, hosted PBX is a viable platform for success. The industry for hosted PBX has been growing rapidly and industry experts agree that the market will continue to strengthen. Research predicts that the market will reach $12 billion by 2018, so there is no better time to enter into this sector.


With a rapidly growing industry, MSPs can reach more customers.

6. You can work from home. If you're sick of the daily commute and spending your days trapped within a confined office space, then the career of a VoIP reseller is calling your name. Since the platform is cloud-based, you'll be able to conduct more of your work from home, creating a flexible work schedule that fits your lifestyle.

7. It has low startup costs. Hosted PBX offers a low-cost business model that can help you earn money right away. The initial investment is small and the cost to manage a VoIP business is low, so you can launch a stable career no matter your current financial situation.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking to launch a new business or an established MSP looking to expand your market reach, hosted PBX offers an easy-to-manage business plan with ample market potential and low startup costs. Industry research predicts that the hosted PBX market will continue to grow, so you'll be tapping into a stable career that will continue to flourish over the years. We encourage you to read 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Hosted PBX to learn more.
5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Selling Hosted PBX