6 Tips to Help Unified Communications Companies Thrive

Despite the vast market reach that unified communications has, some unified communications companies still have trouble sourcing long-term clients. There are a variety of proactive ways that you can take your profits into your own hands and boost sales for your company. Here are some tips to increase sales and thrive as a UC company.


By providing better service to customers, you can grow your recurring revenue.

1. Know how to market your services.

Your customers want to know exactly how your services will benefit their company. Unified communications can increase the productivity of businesses, enhance collaboration and communication, improve customer service, lower overhead costs, provide increased flexibility and functionality, increase their response time to customers, and improve their disaster recovery plan. By emphasizing all of these main points on your marketing materials, you can cater to the exact needs and goals of your customers.

2. Offer exceptional customer service.

Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. One reason customers switch from large service providers to local brands is due to the poor customer service they received from their former provider. By offering exceptional customer service and added support, you can create a positive image for your company that will soon pay off in returns.

3. Don't focus so heavily on price.

While you may think reduced costs are the primary selling point for customers, selling heavily on price will actually deter clients. Your customer is focused on value, which is comprised of a balance between functionality and cost. By focusing too much on cost, it raises a red flag to the customer that your company lacks the functionality and quality of service that other companies offer.

4. Pay attention to your metrics.

To gauge the success of your business, you need to routinely analyze the data and business metrics you acquire. The data will keep you informed about the successes and failures of your current marketing campaign, such as customer satisfaction, the most profitable marketing pitches, and more, allowing you to strategically alter your approach as needed.


Metrics are critical for developing a marketing strategy that works.

5. Build your brand.

Building your brand is essential to creating a name for yourself in your region and developing brand loyalty among customers. All marketing materials should be clearly branded with your name and logo, so the brand name will become ubiquitous in your area. Additionally, using a white label platform is essential, as it will give you complete control over your brand, your pricing, and your customers.

6. Offer bundled services that are based on industry standards.

You can make more money selling bundled services than you can selling a la carte services. Observe industry standards and trends to help guide your bundling options, so you can offer the most useful service packages to clients.

The success of unified communications companies largely depends on their ability to brand themselves and market their services effectively. With a white label UC platform, you'll have complete control over your bundling options, pricing, and customer base, allowing you to build your brand quickly and effectively. Browse our services today to learn how they can improve your recurring revenue and increase brand loyalty.

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