6 Core Business Benefits of Becoming a VOIP Reseller

VoIP services have been spurring a revolution among the communications industry and as a result, the reseller channel is experiencing significant growth and success. Your prospects and customers rely on you for the latest communications services; adding VoIP to your portfolio ensures you will continue to satisfy their needs, maintain a competitive stance and capitalize on abundant sales opportunities. Here are six core business-building benefits of reselling VoIP services:

CD-blog-icons-01.png1. Improve your competitive edge

Premise-based phone systems are outdated, even obsolete in many cases, and businesses are rapidly turning to VoIP to fulfill their modern communications needs. Your key to success is offering cutting-edge technology as it emerges, so your business remains relevant and competitive. VoIP services are rapidly becoming the standard, either in addition to on-premise telephone systems or as the sole technology. By offering
VoIP in addition to other service offerings, you'll provide advanced technology options that will support the continued growth of your business.

CD-blog-icons-02.png2. Develop predictable revenue streams

On-premise providers face the challenge of creating a predictable revenue stream, as their customers typically pay for phone services in lump sums. When selling VoIP, all end users are billed monthly for a fixed amount, so you can create predictable,
recurring revenue streams.


CD-blog-icons-03.png3. Set your own pricing

As a VoIP reseller offering
white label services, you can establish your own pricing. You can adjust pricing over time as you develop a competitive cost model that meets the unique needs of your business. Flexibility to set your own pricing ensures you remain in control of your financial success and gives you the power to maximize profit margins.

CD-blog-icons-04.png4. Improve business efficiency

With the right integrated VoIP service platform, you can connect your CRM software, accounting software and other critical applications in a single platform. This feature-rich solution empowers you to sell, deliver, manage and invoice clients from one location. VoIP also allows your business to scale up and down as needed, without the effort, time and resources required to maintain on-premise systems.   



CD-blog-icons-01.png5. Capitalize on a product that’s in demand

Perhaps the best reason to sell VoIP is because it's in high demand! VoIP services deliver significant benefits to businesses of all sizes, making it easier to have meaningful sales conversations with your prospects and customers. Given the increased efficiency, reduced cost and enhanced geographical flexibility they offer, the services all but market themselves as businesses seek a more modern communications solution.

CD-blog-icons-01.png6. Grow your own brand

When you work with a reputable white label provider, you can confidently resell
VoIP services under your own brand. A white label software platform enables you to own and manage your customers. You have direct access to innovative solutions while retaining brand autonomy.

Offering VoIP services not only expands your service offerings, but ensures the ongoing success of your business.

As cloud communications technologies rapidly evolve, becoming a VoIP reseller will position you as a leading contender among providers. Download our guide, “How To Become a Successful VoIP Reseller and learn how to gain a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive market.


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