5 Things to Consider When Evaluating Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications solutions are changing the way that people conduct business. It's an important investment that allows a company or organization to boost productivity, increase functionality, and decrease costs. It provides a way for businesses to integrate all forms of communications, so they can increase the efficiency of their operation. However, unified communications solutions vary, and it's important to thoroughly evaluate the service prior to investing. By scrupulously analyzing all the different service platforms available, you can find the best platform for the lowest possible price.

1. Security measures

Since unified communications will be operating partly on the cloud, it's more vulnerable to viruses, malware, and hacking. When evaluating a service, determine what key safety features it offers to mitigate the threats of hacking and viruses. Top-name platforms should offer integrated firewall protection, data encryption, two-step verification, anti-virus, and anti-spy software. By opting for a service that makes safety a priority, you can experience seamless operation throughout the years.

Unified communications

Online security is imperative to operating a successful business.

2. Features and functionality

Unified communications solutions provide a variety of useful features like instant messaging, videoconferencing, desktop sharing, speech recognition, and voicemail to email transcription. Compare and contrast the availability of features among a variety of sellers prior to investing in a service.

3. Training and education

Unified communications solutions can be tricky to use, and as with most technology, it entails a bit of a learning curve to master. Seek out a company that offers training and continued support to their clients. This way, you can learn the ins and outs of the platform prior to launching, enabling you to utilize the programs more efficiently. Some vendors also offer continued support to their clients, so you always have someone to turn to when problems arise.

Unified communications

With the right training, VoIP resellers can experience more business success.

4. Selling freedom

To succeed at reselling VoIP, it's important to invest in a unified communications platform that has your best interest in mind. Seek out a platform that offers white label services, so you can steadily build your own brand as you grow. Many services require resellers to sell under contract, meaning you'll be operating as an agent for another company. To truly succeed in the industry, building your own unique business is essential. White label vendors allow you to set your own prices, manage your own clients, and operate exclusively under your own brand name, so you aren't contractually bound to their company over the years.

5. Consider the cost

The cost of unified communications platforms varies widely, as different service platforms come with different features and benefits. By identifying what you need from a platform, you can determine which platform meets your goals for the lowest price. Sometimes paying more upfront will enable you to turn a greater profit over time, so don't shy away from a vendor simply due to their price tag.

Unified communications provides businesses with a way to streamline their business communications by linking their most heavily used technologies together. It allows people to receive voicemails as emails, videoconference from any device, and access their entire company desktop from any geographical location. Unified communications is integral to growing businesses, as it allows them to stay connected even while traveling overseas. Contact us to learn more about our unified communications platforms.

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