5 Phrases That Are Sabotaging Your UCaaS Sales Efforts

Words are powerful. They can motivate your prospects to take action and choose your UCaaS services over a competitor. But if you’re not careful, they can also ruin your chances of closing a sale.

We’re sharing 5 phrases you should avoid when reaching out to prospects.

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1. “Honestly”

When salespeople say “honestly” or “let me be honest with you,” they imply that everything they said before was less than true. Many buyers and customers already believe negative stereotypes surrounding the sales profession. In fact, only 3 percent of people consider sales representatives to be trustworthy.

Avoid uttering any phrases that call your honesty or trustworthiness into question. Let your actions speak for you rather than your words when building trust with prospects and new customers. If you focus on being completely transparent throughout the sales process and helping potential clients make better business decisions, you’ll prove your trustworthiness and integrity.

2. “Maybe”

Maybe is a dangerous word in any sales conversation. It shows you’re unsure of yourself or that you’re not confident in what you’re saying or the UCaaS services you’re selling. For many prospects, “maybe” translates to “yes,” which can set unrealistic expectations and potentially lead to them feeling betrayed or cheated when you have to say “no” later on.

When faced with any decision that has you wanting to say “maybe,” say “no” instead. All too often, sales representatives think of “no” as a negative response. But, saying “no” to the wrong prospects allows you to spend more time focusing on the right ones, and can lead to more business in the long run.

3. “Thank you for your time.”

At first, this phrase may seem relatively harmless. After all, what could possibly be wrong with thanking a potential client for taking time out of their day to listen to your sales pitch? But when you thank a sales prospect for their time, you imply that they did you a favor, when it’s actually the reverse.

They listened to you because you were helpful, and they realized their business could benefit from adopting UCaaS services. By the end of the sales process, they should be thanking you for your time and expertise.

It’s tempting to use this phrase as you’re wrapping up a phone call with a prospect. Instead, try asking, “Was this call helpful for you?” or “What are your takeaways from this call?” Their answers will give you valuable insight into their potential as a sales lead and help you improve the effectiveness of your sales calls in the future.

4. “Sorry to bother you.”

This phrase is poisonous to all sales deals. It creates the impression that you’re doing something wrong or wasting the prospect’s time. If you truly believe your UCaaS solutions will offer significant value to sales prospects, there’s no reason to apologize. Instead, get right to the meat of the matter and let them know how switching to UCaaS can transform their business.

5. "Just checking in…”

Just checking in, touching base, following up… all of these phrases mean absolutely nothing to your prospects and should be erased from your sales vocabulary. Instead, focus on sending emails that provide real value to your prospects. Ask about a pain point they’re experiencing, such as poor business communication, and offer a solution or share resources that can help them tackle their biggest challenges.

For example, if they’re considering a move to the cloud, you could say, “I found these great resources to help your business decide on the best way to adopt cloud communications and ensure a smooth transition.”

Before sending an email or picking up the phone, make sure you have a good reason for contacting a prospect. If not, don’t reach out until you do.

Don’t lose a deal because you used the wrong words. Remove these 5 conversion-killing phrases from your sales vocabulary and
win more customers.

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