5 Critical Service Offerings for Unified Communications Solutions

Unified communications solutions are growing in popularity among businesses, and some resellers are confident that the cloud can sell itself. Yet—despite the strong market potential of the cloud—with so many cloud communications companies to choose from, UCaaS providers still need to focus heavily on marketing in order to build a successful business. For a marketing strategy to be successful, you need to market directly to your core audience. Here are some of the top UCaaS services that end users seek, so you can tailor each ad pitch directly to their goals.


Your marketing pitches need to meet the current needs of users.

1. Collaboration: Businesses are moving more of their services to the cloud, and one of the primary reasons is for enhanced collaboration. With cloud-based services, businesses can share data with other employees instantly across all of their departments and branch locations. Your marketing outreach should emphasize the collaborative tools that your services will provide to end users.

2. Scalability: The goal of every business is to grow, and businesses need to be thinking long-term to ensure their current business model provides the elasticity needed for rapid expansion. Since UCaaS composes such a large part of the end user's business model, they need assurance it can be scaled to their needs. With cloud-based services, end users can scale their communications network efficiently and cost-effectively, making it superior to on-premises solutions.

3. Self-service: Customers are more intrigued by autonomy than ever before, and they desire more control out of their UCaaS services. With services that allow them to update their subscription on-demand, they'll have more control, and thus greater satisfaction from their service provider.

4. Global accessibility: Global access can be achieved through the cloud, and in an increasingly globalized business landscape, this is an attractive quality to end users. When marketing your services, be sure to focus on the global accessibility that businesses can achieve with UCaaS services.


Emphasize the versatility and global access that UCaaS can offer.

5. Business continuity: Power outages are common occurrences, and a single outage can cost businesses a lot of money in lost revenue. UCaaS provides superior business continuity by offering businesses a way to manage their entire telecom network from a cloud-based platform, thus enabling them to continue operations, even when their on-premises network is experiencing an outage. By emphasizing the business continuity features you offer, businesses will be more likely to switch to UCaaS.

For your marketing to generate results, you need to get inside the minds of your customers. Identify exactly what end users are seeking, and tailor your marketing messages to their aspirations. End users desire reliability, autonomy, and accessibility, while having services that can be rapidly scaled to their needs. Many businesses may be unaware of the advantages that UCaaS offers, and all it takes is the right marketing pitch to win their business. Read How to Become a One-Stop-Shop for Your Customers by Offering UCaaS to learn more.

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