5 Advantages Small Unified Communications Companies Have Over Telecom Giants

Unified communications companies have a vast network of potential customers available to them. Yet, with big-name corporations dominating the industry, small businesses and entrepreneurs often feel intimidated about entering into the UC industry. However, in the world of telecom, small businesses actually possess a number of advantages over larger corporations.


Small businesses can form deeper connections with clients.

1. People feel compelled to support small business. A poll has shown that 9 out of 10 people feel that it's important to support small businesses. While few people feel ethically compelled to shop at Walmart or Target, many folks feel they have a personal obligation to patronize local establishments, as it stimulates the local economy, creates jobs, and engages them with their community.

2. You can respond more quickly to customers. Efficiency is a top concern among customers, particularly businesses relying on UC services. If they experience any technical errors along the way, they need to know their problems will be dealt with in a timely manner, so it doesn't detract from their sales. With larger UC companies, support teams are often inundated with concerns, making them slower to respond to the needs of each client. Many businesses specifically seek out small unified communications companies with the hope that they can provide more caring, attentive, and punctual technical support.

3. You can build close business partnerships. Business to business marketing is more effective on a local level than it is on a national or international level. Small unified communications companies can build quality, long-term partnerships with clients in their community, allowing them to develop a positive reputation in their region, while creating a stable recurring revenue that is less prone to turnover and fluctuation.

4. You provide better customer service. Perhaps the biggest complaint of telecom customers is the lack of customer service. Comcast has been under fire countless times due to their subpar customer support, resulting in the company pledging $300 million to improve their customer service. Big businesses often outsource a lot of their labor, and many of their customer service professionals are from overseas, resulting in language barriers and communication difficulties with customers. People often seek out small, local UC companies for this very reason. They can feel confident that their needs will be met quickly and easily, while minimizing miscommunications.

Unified communications

Small companies are more welcoming and personable than corporations.

5. You have fewer overhead costs. Smaller UC companies have fewer monthly expenses than large companies, which makes it easier to manage the corporate budget and invest in the business's future. This reduces the financial risks of business management, while allowing your company to remain on top of its finances.

Selling unified communications may seem intimidating, given the fierce competition in the industry. However, small UC companies actually have a number of advantages over the telecom giants that allow them to build a strong recurring revenue. People across the globe are becoming increasingly fed up with the poor customer service and lack of care provided by big telecom companies. It's critical for businesses to have reliable service and punctual technical support, so they can operate their telecom seamlessly. As a small UC provider, you can establish close relationships with businesses in your community and create a trusted name for your brand. Explore our services today, and launch your career as a unified communications provider.

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