4 Ways to Win More Customers for UCaaS

Finding new customers for UCaaS is no simple task. Providers are often faced with tight budgets or time constraints. Others simply don’t have the in-house expertise or resources necessary.

Whatever the reason, there are quick and easy ways to take action and improve customer acquisition. Keep reading to discover the secret to winning more customers for your UCaaS services and growing your business faster.


1) Set competitive prices

Before buying any product or service, companies typically research online and compare pricing. In fact, 94 percent of B2B buyers conduct online research before making a final decision.

Your pricing strategy will ultimately depend on your company’s reputation, quality of service and the state of the UCaaS market. Justify a higher price by providing superior UCaaS solutions and features. Your customers will be willing to pay more if you offer better service and outstanding support.

Ensure your prices are competitive by keeping tabs on your competition. The best way to gather information about your competition without tipping them off is to ask your customers.

See why your customers left your business to work with a competitor or vice versa. Your customers can give you in-depth, valuable insight into not only how your competitors’ pricing compares to yours, but also how you can improve and differentiate your product offering.

2) Put your customers to work for you

Don’t underestimate the importance of word-of-mouth marketing. Ninety-one percent of B2B buyers are influenced by word-of-mouth recommendations when making a purchasing decision.

Send an email asking highly satisfied customers to share a written testimonial or record a video about why they love your company and services. Include an incentive to share their positive feedback, such as a gift card or limited-time discount on your UCaaS services. Feature these glowing recommendations on your website and social media.

Make sure to also include social sharing buttons on your blog, webinar registration pages or anywhere you’re offering downloadable content offers or promotions. That way, customers and website visitors can easily share your content to their friends or colleagues and increase your online visibility.

3) Leverage new and relevant communication channels

An increasingly digital era is opening up new and exciting possibilities for customer communication. Businesses can now leverage online and digital communication tools to build more meaningful and personalized relationships with their audience.

For example, adding live chat to your website enables your business to engage with more of your audience and immediately answer their questions without the hassle of wait times or calling you directly. Ninety-two percent of customers feel most satisfied when they use a live chat feature during the buying process. Live chat offers a higher level of customer satisfaction and shows prospects your commitment to exceptional customer service.

Another way to improve customer engagement is interacting with prospects and customers on social media. Take the time to reply to comments, complaints and questions about your company or UCaaS services. Apologize if they’re experiencing any issues and offer contact information for support or a solution to the problem.

4) Focus on providing more value to your audience

Convince your prospects to purchase and your customers to stick around by creating added value for your audience. When writing any content or building any webpages, focus on the benefits of doing business with you rather than promoting only products.

Talk about how your company offers 24/7 technical support or how you provide an all-in-one unified communications solution that streamlines workplace operations and boosts efficiency. Let them know the relevance of your UCaaS services and how it helps them overcome their toughest challenges and makes their lives easier.

Keep your customers informed about new product developments and promotional offers by posting on social media or sending out emails. Provide incentives or rewards when your customers reach major milestones. For instance, you could offer customers a gift card after they’ve used your UCaaS services for one year, five years and so on.

Always ask yourself if the promotion you’re planning or the content you’re writing offers significant value to your target audience. If not, go back to the drawing board and develop a new plan.

UCaaS providers with a deeper understanding of the industry, trends and their customers’ needs will have the best chance of winning more business. Get detailed insight into the current state of the market and how you can better adapt by partnering with a private label partner by downloading our guide, Channel Partner Trends and the State of Cloud Communications.

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