4 Ways to Know if VoIP Reselling is Right for You

VoIP is becoming the dominant telecom network worldwide, and it's predicted to supersede landline phones entirely. AT&T has already announced their plans to become an exclusively VoIP provider, and it's likely other companies will follow in their path. Given the tremendous growth potential of VoIP, many entrepreneurs are turning to VoIP reselling as a steady and reliable career choice. To know if VoIP reselling is right for you, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Do you want to sell cutting-edge technology to businesses?

VoIP reselling

Consumers constantly seek the latest technologies, and VoIP provides a cutting-edge approach to telecom.

Millions of people around the world are already relying on VoIP as their primary telecom network. Allen Cohen, the Executive Vice President of Phone.com, anticipates that by the year 2017, VoIP will be so widespread that at least 75 percent of all new businesses won't even consider on-premise telecom as an option. Public Switch Telephone Networks (PSTN) are time-consuming to install, entail large initial investments, involve laborious scaling methods, and can't cater to the needs of global business people. It's an outdated technology that simply doesn't accommodate the goals and visions of today's tech-savvy, efficiency-focused business people.

Do you want to experience fast business growth?

Around 40 percent of households lack a landline phone, and nearly 76 percent of businesses utilize some level of VoIP. The future of VoIP is incredibly strong, as it's growing to become the dominant service provider in America. As such, opportunistic entrepreneurs stand to turn a tremendous profit by selling VoIP to the public. With literally millions of potential consumers at your fingertips, the ability to attract and retain a steady clientele is easy.

Since VoIP offers considerable advantages over landline phone networks, marketing your services to businesses couldn't be easier. Fast-growing companies rely on technology that caters to their globalized business model, while providing efficient scaling methods to accommodate their continued expansions. VoIP offers both of these things by significantly simplifying the scaling process and offering businesses global access to their phone networks.

Do you want to build your brand quickly and easily?

With a white label VoIP platform, VoIP resellers can attain access to feature-rich phone networks that they can resell under their own unique brand name. This allows businesses to grow their brand rapidly and create a name for themselves in the industry. White label also enables you to set your own prices, so the amount you earn is entirely at your discretion.

Do you want to create a strong local presence?

VoIP reselling

Marketing locally will enable you to build a distinct brand name in your city.

Given the global marketplace available to VoIP resellers, it can seem daunting to know where to begin. In addition to the millions of consumers available, resellers face a lot of competition against the telecom giants like AT&T and Verizon. VoIP resellers will experience the greatest level of success by marketing themselves to a confined region of local businesses. This will allow you to make a definitive name for yourself in your area, while focusing your approach to a more manageable network of clients. While it may seem challenging to compete with major telecom companies, many consumers specifically seek out locally owned businesses, as they desire the personalized approach and one-on-one care that is lacking among larger corporations.

VoIP reselling offers a stable and profitable career path because it's a fast growing industry with seemingly boundless growth potential. Businesses everywhere rely on VoIP to transform the way their company communicates with the world, as it provides businesses the very freedom and versatility they need to thrive in their field. By choosing a top-name vendor, opting for white label services, and marketing yourself to local businesses, you can rapidly build your distinct VoIP brand and generate a profit quickly.

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