4 Traits of Top Unified Communications Companies

Unified Communications (UC) is a popular service that has considerably increased the value and functionality of telecom. Despite its popularity, there are countless unified communications companies available to consumers, resulting in a highly competitive marketplace for UC service providers. To stand out among competitors, you need to offer additional value to customers that will make you stand out among other providers in your region. To do so, it helps to know what your clients seek from a UC provider. Here are some of the core traits that businesses desire from UC services, so you can design your business model around the specific demands of your end users.


By offering the features most desired by end users, you can grow your business quickly.


1. Value

Your end users desire value. Anytime a business seeks to implement new technology or switch to a new service provider, they need to be able to justify the overall value they'll receive. Value is a combination of cost and functionality, and businesses will be weighing the costs vs. benefits of UC services as they seek to make their decision. If the cost of your services is above average in your area, but you fail to provide added features to compensate, you'll likely lose out to your competitors. Keep your prices competitive and your service offerings superior, so clients will have no choice but to patronize your business.

2. Functionality

The primary reason businesses seek to adopt UC services is due to the enhanced communication and functionality it offers. Businesses rely on a range of features from UC services, and each different industry will have a unique set of needs. It's important to offer a vast array of service bundles, so you can cater to a wide variety of businesses. Some businesses may only need a handful of services, while others need larger service bundles. Create numerous bundle options to serve all potential needs, so businesses of all sizes can access the services they're seeking.

3. Support

Managed services offer businesses the advantage of accessing an increased level of support for their services. As an MSP, you need to be able to offer unparalleled levels of support to your clients, so they feel their needs are being met with your services. No matter what service provider a business uses, there will probably be technical difficulties at some point down the line. By offering superior support to clients, you can help troubleshoot all technical difficulties and provide virtually seamless service, which will enhance the reputation of your company while strengthening client relations and improving your client retention.

4. Business Continuity

Business continuity is integral to maintaining daily operation, and a desire for enhanced business continuity leads many businesses to switch to UC services. With cloud-based applications and easy call transferring options, UC services can significantly improve and maintain business continuity. After all, businesses want to maintain uninterrupted operation. 


With advanced cloud security, you'll create a trusted reputation for your company.


Unified communications companies face fierce competition in the marketplace, and you need to stand out among competitors in order to thrive in the industry. Your end users desire a service that provides a fair price for the features, offers all of the features they need, has flexible bundling options, and provides advanced business continuity support. By striving to achieve these core things, you can offer elite UC services that surpass your competitors, enabling you to attract more clients and improve your client retention. For more information check out this helpful guide, How to Become a One-Stop-Shop for your Customers by Offering UCaaS. 

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