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4 Questions You Should Ask Your UCaaS Customers to Improve Your Sales and Marketing

At the heart of every successful business is a strong customer base. Customers keep revenue flowing. They’re key to a healthy, thriving business. So, how can you make sure your customers are satisfied and continue to use your UCaaS services?

Ask your customers these four essential questions and gain a deeper understanding of your audience and their wants and needs.

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Unlock a Deep Understanding of Your UCaaS Customers

1) How did you find us?

Learning how your customers are finding your business helps you target more potential customers and avoid wasting time and money advertising in the wrong places. See where most of your traffic is coming from by asking your UCaaS customers how they heard about your company. Dig deeper with these types of questions:

  • Did they find your website while searching on Google or another search engine?
  • What search terms did they use?
  • Did they see your social media post?
  • Did they view one of your videos on YouTube?
  • Did they hear about you from a friend or colleague?

Their answers will help you discover the best marketing and advertising channels to focus on to win more customers. Discovering the keywords and topics your customers use to search online can help you improve your SEO and content marketing. Drive more traffic to your website by optimizing your webpages and content for these search terms.

2) Why did you choose to buy from us instead of another provider?

This is by far one of the most important questions you can ask your customers. Understanding why people choose your UCaaS products and services over another company is critical to creating a branding message that resonates for similar prospects. Take these value propositions for example:

  • Competitive pricing
  • More expansive UCaaS service offering
  • Higher quality of service
  • Greater solutions to customers’ challenges
  • Better customer support

Identify your competitive edge and interweave it into your marketing and sales campaigns to appeal to more potential customers.

3) What’s one thing we can do to create a better customer experience for you?

It costs five times more to attract new customers than to keep existing ones. Convince your customers to stick around by listening to their feedback and improving their experience. Ask them what they would change about your business, products or services..

Uncover opportunities to enhance customer experiences, offer more value to your audience, and improve your UCaaS product offering. Are they frustrated with long hold times? Do they have trouble reaching your company for technical support? Are they looking for a more expansive product offering? Take time to address their issues and improve your chances of winning even more customers and holding onto existing ones.

4) What are some common questions you had when evaluating a UCaaS solution?

Educating your audience is vital to the buying process. It builds trust in your company and your UCaaS solutions. Discover what common questions your customers had during the buying process and use this information to improve your website and marketing content.

Create content (e.g. blogs, guides, checklists, videos) that answers their questions and helps them understand the benefits of adopting your UCaaS services. Make sure you’re producing content that answers their questions at every stage of the buying process. Prospects will appreciate you taking the time to educate them and be more likely to choose your solutions when they’re ready to buy.

Remember your customers are your best source of information. They provide meaningful insight into how your company can become more successful. Take advantage of their feedback (both positive and negative) and learn how you can improve your products and services. Taking the time to address their concerns will show your customers how much you care and strengthen your reputation as a trusted provider of unified communications.

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