3 Reasons Why Your UCaaS Sales Strategy Is Failing (and How to Recover)

It’s every unified communications provider’s worst fear come true. UCaaS sales are down, and you’re nowhere near reaching your sales quota. Now what?

If you’re experiencing a decline in your UCaaS sales, we’re sharing the 3 likely reasons why sales strategies fail and how to take action.


3 Possible Reasons for a Drop in UCaaS Sales

1. Limited understanding of a target market

Your UCaaS sales team can’t work effectively if they don’t know who they’re selling to. They need to know what to aim for rather than working blindly. Make sure your salespeople have a deep understanding of your target audience from the beginning.

If you haven’t already done so, research your potential customers and learn all about their interests, motivators, pain points and the reasons they’re looking to adopt unified communications. Do they want to cut operational costs? Boost workplace efficiency? Streamline collaboration? All of the above?

Interview existing customers and ask your sales team what challenges your audience typically faces, along with common sales objections. Gather all of this data and build detailed buyer personas your salespeople can reference and use to offer the best customer service experience possible. The more your sales team knows about your target customers, the better they can serve them.

2. Minimal UCaaS expertise

You must invest in your sales team if you want them to be successful and stick around for the long run. Thirty-five percent of employees who don’t receive regular mentoring look for another job within 12 months. And with the costs of sales turnover so steep, that’s a hard hit to your revenue and company morale. Losing an employee can cost anywhere from 16 percent of their salary for hourly employees or as high as 213 percent for highly trained positions.

Keep your sales team sharp, engaged and motivated with ongoing training and support. Cultivate new skills and strengthen existing ones by having experienced sales team members mentor new hires. Improve sales performance and employee retention by offering a structured training program that teaches critical skills.

If you just started offering unified communications, it can be a challenge to train salespeople in what is often a new and unfamiliar territory. Luckily, there are plenty of sales resources to help you hit the ground running and drive more sales.

For starters, you may find our recent blog on effectively selling cloud communications useful. It offers helpful tips for extending your reach and closing more UCaaS deals.

Attending industry and sales training events is another great way to boost the productivity of your sales team. Your salespeople can learn tips and best practices from leading experts and discover new features and products. Create a training regimen that requires participation in events like webinars, sales seminars, workshops and classes.

For example, every year we host a partner conference, PartnerConnex, designed to empower our channel partners to be more successful and grow their businesses. The event features valuable learning sessions and hands-on demos to help and inspire our partners to innovate, compete and win more customers.

Another option is to work with a white label unified communications provider who offers all the training and resources you need to improve UCaaS sales and generate recurring revenue streams. The best white label partners have a dedicated training team to ensure your sales team is equipped with everything they need to be successful.

3. Outdated sales and marketing techniques

Gone are the days of door-to-door salespeople, cold calling and flyers left under windshield wipers (or so we hope). Technology has ushered in a new era of customer-centric and inbound marketing tactics.

Stale marketing techniques will impact the effectiveness of your UCaaS sales. Cold calling is no longer effective for reaching and engaging your potential customers. This sales tactic doesn’t work 99.9 percent of the time, and it costs at least 60 percent more per lead than other methods.

Generate more qualified leads and capture more customers by implementing inbound marketing techniques like blogging, email marketing, social media, video marketing and SEO

Capture the interest of more prospects by writing blog posts and other content or creating videos on relevant topics that speak to their interests and help them overcome their toughest challenges.

For example, you could write a blog post on how adopting a unified communications solution enables companies to improve customer service. Share relevant, engaging content in emails and on social media to garner interest and drive traffic to your website. Creating a steady stream of content will keep your business top of mind and improve your chances of winning more customers.

Don’t let critical sales opportunities slip through the cracks. Use these tips to improve UCaaS sales and accelerate revenue and business growth.

To help you win over even more customers and maximize your profits, we’re sharing a free sales tool, Choosing the Right Phone Solution for Your Business: On-Premise vs Cloud-Based. Share this valuable resource with your prospects and customers to help them understand the incredible benefits of switching to a cloud communications solution.

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