10 Reasons to Be a White Label Partner for UCaaS Solutions

A quick online search will yield numerous articles on the benefits of being a white label partner providing UCaaS solutions — and for good reason. There’s an abundance of proven benefits.

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Here’s a list of 10 of them to keep in mind when considering whether your organization should go the white label route.

1. Leverage your existing relationships.

With the UCaaS market expected to grow to USD $24.88 Billion in 2020, a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.5% from 2015 to 2020, it’s likely that your current customers are interested in UCaaS solutions — or will be soon. If they already see you as a trusted partner, that’s a good reason for them to consider you for delivering UCaaS solutions to them. After all, you know their business. You know how they work. You know where they are going, and how UCaaS solutions can help them get there. The same statistics cited above indicate that there’s also a whole market for UCaaS solutions beyond your existing customer base. Offering UCaaS solutions enables you to expand your service portfolio to cost effectively extend your customer base.

2. Your customers will thank you.

UCaaS deliver benefits that your customers will appreciate — and that will reflect well on you. Among them:

Cost savings Cost Savings

CapEx becomes OpEx. Costs are more predictable and transparent. The savings from UCaaS solutions are well documented.

flexibility Flexibility

As long as a WiFi connection is available, your customers can embrace mobility and empower their employees with greater flexibility, which can lead to more satisfied, productive employees.

Streamline Streamline Workflows

UCaaS enables companies to streamline day-to-day operations and increase overall collaboration. It offers real-time access to employees, applications, and data, but isn’t location, or device, specific.

Scalability Scalability

The UCaaS is a pay-as-you-go service. It easily scales to meet changing demands, and your customers pay only for what they need.

Disaster recovery cloud BC/DR (Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery)

Cloud-based solutions are geo-redundant, which significantly decreases the chance of system disruptions. As such, UCaaS can be an integral component of a DR plan.

3. Enjoy faster time to market.

With a white label UCaaS solution, there’s no need to build a platform from scratch. You don’t have to commit time or financial resources to developing, testing and deploying the solution. The platform has been fully tested to ensure it operates at optimal capacity, and the vendor provides the support so you can be up and selling almost right away — no matter your level of experience. By partnering with the right service provider, you will likely have access to training, as well as marketing and educational resources to further accelerate your entry into the UCaaS space. (See #7.)

4. There’s no CapEx.

With a white label UCaaS solution, there are generally no capital expenditures and only minimal upfront costs. You don’t have to worry about housing the hardware yourself or maintaining it. You have more time to focus your energies on business growth and customer relationships. The same cost savings applies when new or enhanced services are developed and launched. Those development costs belong to the UCaaS service provider, not you.

5. Earn recurring revenue and higher margins.

While a white label UCaaS program may entail more initial costs than working as an agent for another brand, you have far greater earning potential. You can set your own pricing and margins. You also get the benefits of recurring customers and brand loyalty, as well as the monthly recurring revenue. With monthly recurring revenue, it’s also easier to focus on building your business rather than trying to gain enough new sales to match previous revenue targets.

6. Strengthen your brand.

When you work as an agent for another company selling its UCaaS solution, you can’t really cultivate your own brand. White label UCaaS solutions are sold under your brand, so you can steadily build your business without signing over rights to another company. You control every aspect of your business and customer relationship. The quality of the service and customer experience reflects back on you. That builds both your brand and customer loyalty. The key is to go with a service provider that offers stellar UCaaS solutions and support.

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7. Gain greater ownership of your business.

You are the primary contact for your customer when you provide a white label UCaaS solution. Whereas, in an agent model, you can get cut out of the customer relationship once the sale is finalized. As a result, you can lose out on additional sales as well as customer loyalty and referrals. With the white label model, you are empowered to build much greater brand and customer loyalty.

8. Get access to marketing and training support.

You’re in control with a UCaaS white label program, but never alone. When you sell a white label UCaaS solution, you get the support of the UCaaS solution provider. That includes both technical and sales training and things like branded marketing content, lead generation plans and custom pricing and packaging offerings. There’s cost- and time-savings associated with it as well.

9. Be at the industry forefront.

When you partner with a white label UCaaS provider who is at the forefront of the industry, you’re right there with it. Yet, you don’t have to devote the financial or technical resources required to stay abreast of fast-changing technology and business trends, to enhance service offerings or introduce new services.

10. Mitigate risks. Increase rewards.

As previously mentioned, white label UCaaS programs typically don’t entail capital expenses. You don’t run the risk of blowing your investment on a UCaaS solution that may or may not work, and that may or may not be appealing to your customers and prospects. The white label UCaaS service provider has that all worked out for you. The provider also has done considerable market research. Its reputation is on the line if it fails to provide in-demand services and support, so there’s great incentive for it to offer the kind of UCaaS solutions that can help you succeed.

What You Should Know Before Choosing the Right White Label Partner