Tap Into a Goldmine of Unmet Contact Center Needs

“CoreNexa [Contact Center Essentials] equips CoreDial Partners with an offering far surpassing typical table stakes in the SMB market by addressing the modern demands of customer engagement and providing non-traditional contact centers (often the unsung stewards of CX) with a complete cloud-based customer engagement center.”

- Frost & Sullivan, Customer Contact Can Happen Anywhere

When targeting potential Contact Center customers, it's important to look beyond the traditional call center. In this detailed white paper written for and with CoreDial, Frost & Sullivan examines the "non-traditional" contact center opportunity, and explores:

  • How to expand your addressable market with non-traditional contact center opportunities
  • How SMBs can differentiate themselves through customer experience
  • How CoreNexa Contact Center Essentials' capabilities position non-traditional contact centers for success

Download this white paper to learn more about how seizing non-traditional contact center opportunities can help you earn your share of the $4.25 billion CCaaS market.