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What the Cisco/BroadSoft Acquisition Means for Independent UCaaS Providers

Posted by Ken Lienemann on 2017-12-05 18:30:00

In case you haven’t heard the news, Cisco, aka the juggernaut who identifies as having “built the Internet,” has acquired BroadSoft, a highly successful, independent UCaaS provider, for $1.9 Billion. This is huge.

The acquisition of BroadSoft by a company as large and influential as Cisco is an indicator, and a validation, of the opportunity within our industry and the value of cloud communications.
shutterstock_558424192 - Medium.jpgTo give you a better sense of the industry’s growth potential, a November Frost & Sullivan survey of over 2,000 global IT decision makers found that an overwhelming majority of businesses indicated a plan to transition their telephony solutions to the cloud within 2 years. There has never been a more exciting time to participate in the opportunities within the UCaaS space.

In fact, big names like Cisco and Microsoft have been slowly shifting towards the cloud to generate new revenue streams and deliver greater value for quite some time.

What does this mean for the independent UCaaS ecosystem?  

Despite the Goliath-sized transaction, a November 2017 Market Insight report by Frost & Sullivan titled “Impact of the Cisco-BroadSoft Acquisition on the UCaaS Ecosystem” doesn’t expect this move to impact independent UCaaS providers at all in the short-term. Instead, the report points to opportunities that  can be harnessed by providers with established and competitive offerings.

This is because independents, like CoreDial, have the advantage of agility that larger counterparts typically don’t. Full platform ownership and generally smaller size are strengths of a company such as CoreDial, enabling a nimble approach to leveraging opportunities, swift decision-making, versatility, and quick reaction. Boiled down, that means independents are naturally better suited to adapting to the quickly changing market of cloud communications.

On page 15 of Frost & Sullivan’s report, CoreDial and a handful of other independent providers were named as companies ideally poised for success in the cloud communications market. The visionary, entrepreneurial culture that often flourishes among independents was pointed out as a strength of these providers, including CoreDial, and it’s encouraging to know that our focus on cultivating people, processes, and technologies dedicated to helping our partners succeed is being noticed by industry leaders.

Frost & Sullivan also mention that competitive pricing as well as customer service and support are what will ultimately separate the winners and laggards in the growing and quickly evolving cloud communications industry. At CoreDial, we remain confident that our unrelenting devotion to our partners’ success will allow us to keep innovating and thriving even as bigger players enter the market and compete.

CoreDial has a clear focus: our partners and their success. It dictates every decision we make and permeates every inch of CoreDial’s internal culture. It’s never been about us. It’s about our partners and being a force that positively impacts the ability for success in the cloud communications space.

If you want to read more about the Cisco/BroadSoft acquisition, check out Frost & Sullivan’s November 2017 article below. Scroll to page 15 to learn more about how companies like CoreDial are, by design, highly equipped to remain competitive in the cloud communications market.

Read the Frost & Sullivan Article

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