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Cloud Communications Success

Driving Contact Center Success with CRM Integration

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 6/6/19 11:00 AM

For any business with a goal of longevity and growth, the importance of customer experience cannot be overstated. A customer’s trust in a company is often decided from their first interaction. If that experience is frustrating or repetitive, a customer may choose to avoid working with that business in the future; conversely, a truly stellar customer experience builds loyalty and increases stickiness over time.

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How Partners Succeed with the Healthcare Vertical Using CoreNexa Contact Center

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 3/13/19 5:13 PM

After 27 years in the communications services industry, Jeff Reynolds, general manager of XComm Communications LLC, is intimately familiar with the pain points for big companies - particularly the challenges presented when they turn to solutions pulled together from multiple sources, or rely on multiple competing partners for a communications solution. That's why, after seeing how CoreNexaTM Contact Center could eliminate inefficiencies and offer a streamlined, effective solution for clients, Reynolds found the healthcare vertical could realize significant benefits from its use.

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CoreDial Speaking at the CCA Cloud Comms Summit: Helping MSPs Differentiate Their Businesses

Posted by Ken Lienemann on 6/25/18 2:38 PM

Managed services providers (MSPs) are witnessing an evolution toward “digital transformation.” Businesses and customers that once only used the most basic communications tools are now investing in hosted services and cloud-based infrastructures to add capabilities to help them compete and thrive in a new digital era. As this model continues to gain traction, it’s become the solution provider’s responsibility to make sure the “As-a-Service” paradigm is relevant and cost-effective for each customer by mastering and managing an endless array of technologies through disparate vendors. Through it all, the MSP must find a way to maintain profit margins while constantly infusing value to preserve and flourish client relationships.

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Differentiate Yourself with Vertical Contact Center Solutions

Posted by Rick McFarland on 6/1/18 3:00 PM

Let’s face it: it’s getting harder to sell a phone system. Business customers no longer care what label is on the phone, and they rarely want to lay out an additional expenditure for new hardware. Instead, they care about business outcomes and results. In the case of a contact center solution, they want to know what it does—whether it integrates with their back-office systems and tools, and if it fits into their overall, often legacy, environment. They want a customized and easy-to-deploy software-based system that allows agents to deliver a more satisfying customer service experience. Why? Because it ultimately translates into more business. Offering features that enhance the ability of a business to expediently and holistically resolve customer issues is a clear path to increased revenues for VARs, MSPs, or IT Solutions Providers.

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The Hard and Soft ROI of Contact Center Mobility

Posted by Rick McFarland on 5/1/18 10:05 AM

You may have heard that CoreDial recently integrated an award-winning suite of feature-rich contact center solutions into its portfolio. If you haven't, check out this press release to learn more about our acquisition of Voice4Net. Now our Partners can deliver even more value to existing customers with CoreNexa Contact Center, formerly Voice4Net, and confidently secure new customer accounts by offering end-to-end cloud communications services. As customer engagement continues to gain recognition as a critical pillar of success for modern businesses, it's imperative our Partners have a competitive way to answer that need for their customers. 

Providing customers with seamless mobility allows the Channel to competitively differentiate and it's a concept we’ve gotten behind at CoreDial. Why? We could answer, “because people love working with a tablet interface.” Or, “allowing supervisors to work more closely with agents is critical for productive operations.” Or even, “because tablets are easy.” All true.

But here’s the best reason of all: ROI. Mobile supervision in the contact center is an investment that will save the business owner money, and by offering their end-users end-to-end, cost-efficient Unified Communications solutions, our Channel Partners will become more successful. And, that's the concept our entire company works hard every day to ensure. So, let's dive into how contact center mobility can solidify longer relationships and stickier recurring revenue with your existing accounts and prospective customers.

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Our Top 5 Articles of 2017

Posted by Ken Lienemann on 1/8/18 3:21 PM

2017 was a highly productive and successful year for CoreDial and our partner community. Through our blog, we are able to share our experiences, market trends and our partners expertise for the benefit of those interested.

As we direct our attention towards 2018, we wanted to first reflect on our those topics readers found most interesting in 2017 and provide you with a recap. These topics cover a range of items including marketing advice to technical tips to industry updates.

The following are our Top 5 articles of 2017.

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What the Cisco/BroadSoft Acquisition Means for Independent UCaaS Providers

Posted by Ken Lienemann on 12/5/17 1:30 PM

In case you haven’t heard the news, Cisco, aka the juggernaut who identifies as having “built the Internet,” has acquired BroadSoft, a highly successful, independent UCaaS provider, for $1.9 Billion. This is huge.

The acquisition of BroadSoft by a company as large and influential as Cisco is an indicator, and a validation, of the opportunity within our industry and the value of cloud communications.

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8 Key Factors Driving SIP Growth

Posted by Brandon Olson on 11/2/17 11:00 AM

SIP trunking solutions have been growing in popularity because of their unique features that are extremely helpful for virtually any sized businesses.

In a nutshell, SIP trunking is a method by which business phone systems can operate using an Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

With SIP solutions, startups can achieve the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP, while mid-sized businesses can easily get business continuity, disaster recovery and unlimited or metered calling plans. In fact, a recent SIP forecast study from the Eastern Management Group predicted the continuous growth of SIP trunk and phone solutions until 2020.


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6 Tips to Promote VoIP to Your Customers

Posted by Brandon Olson on 10/27/17 2:30 PM

The evolving needs of a modern business requires more efficient and cost-effective communication solutions.

Landlines, specifically, may no longer be the best tool for business telephony, as voice over IP (VoIP) offers better features for operations.

It is essential to explain to customers the advantages of switching to VoIP from analog to help them better understand the benefits of modernizing their telephone systems.

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5 Reasons Why Voice Technology Evolved from Analog to Software-Based

Posted by Brandon Olson on 10/12/17 2:15 PM

The ever-changing business landscape has driven voice technology to evolve from the good ol’ analog landlines to powerful digital telephony.

Pre-VoIP, analog systems have supported businesses for decades. They’ve been reliable tools for inbound and outbound calls, and can also be used to transfer calls across extension lines. It has well-known functionalities like hold, mute, redial and speed dial, but not much else. It’s simple and easy to use, but has limited potential for expansion.

Meanwhile, modern telephony allows companies to add more-advanced features and capabilities, such as music on hold, VoIP integration, and alarm systems, which can be supported with modular add-on boards. Newer IP interface allows unified messaging features like voicemail delivery to email, fax delivery to email, voicemail transcription to SMS, click to dial, and a desktop client.

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5 Phrases That Are Sabotaging Your UCaaS Sales Efforts

Posted by Brandon Olson on 9/21/17 11:00 AM

Words are powerful. They can motivate your prospects to take action and choose your UCaaS services over a competitor. But if you’re not careful, they can also ruin your chances of closing a sale.

We’re sharing 5 phrases you should avoid when reaching out to prospects.

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Hosted Vs. Virtual PBX: Which System Does Your Customer Need?

Posted by Brandon Olson on 9/15/17 1:30 PM

More and more companies are exploring internet telephony services to replace their traditional phone systems that have become clunky, unreliable and obsolete.

PBX services are faster, cheaper and more efficient. It removes the need for frequent maintenance and hardware upgrades because companies can rely on the service provider to take care of hosting, maintenance and upgrades of the PBX technology.

Often, businesses can choose between a hosted and a virtual PBX, which are both powerful and cost-efficient options, but are still operationally different from each other.

If you’re thinking about shifting to internet-based telephony, but don’t know where to start, here are some of the main differences between a hosted and virtual PBX.

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