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How Partners Succeed with the Healthcare Vertical Using CoreNexa Contact Center

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 2019-03-13 21:13:38

After 27 years in the communications services industry, Jeff Reynolds, general manager of XComm Communications LLC, is intimately familiar with the pain points for big companies - particularly the challenges presented when they turn to solutions pulled together from multiple sources, or rely on multiple competing partners for a communications solution. That's why, after seeing how CoreNexaTM Contact Center could eliminate inefficiencies and offer a streamlined, effective solution for clients, Reynolds found the healthcare vertical could realize significant benefits from its use.

Eliminating Multiple Providers & Major Delays

Reynolds saw this firsthand when one of XComm’s clients, a 45-agent inbound healthcare call center, turned to XComm to help them align their call times with their service level agreements (SLAs). The client, which handles overflow calls from members of 14 other health plans, needed to ensure that members of the health plans who called into their service bureau were not kept on hold longer than a predetermined amount of time. 

Jeff Reynolds Quote

The problem? XComm’s client’s previous setup - patched together through the acquisition of different components, run through multiple vendors - did not work well, as the server went down several times a week. This created huge wait times for callers, as the call center needed to diagnose service issues and work with on site IT staff to fix them.

“Previously, every time their server went down, the time to get it back up and running was one to two hours. In a contact center space, that’s not good,” Reynolds explained.

A Streamlined Solution

XComm knew their client needed services to be unified under one vendor in a more stable environment. To make that happen, he turned to CoreNexa Contact Center.

With our [CoreNexa] Contact Center software, we own the product,” Reynolds said. “All the engineers that developed, managed, and deployed our Contact Center offering.work directly for us. Using our contact center, our client was set up by the same technical team that developed the solution. Because of this fact, each of our contact center deployments is customized to fit the needs of the client instead of fitting into a predefined framework." 

Using CoreNexa Contact Center, XComm streamlined its client’s services, eliminating the need for multiple vendors. They set up the call center’s Asterisk switch, Contact Center overlay, as well as registered their SIP phones. They also dedicated a firewall at the customer’s site just for voice, and kept their data firewall the way the customer wanted. In doing so, XComm gained the ability to see if there were issues on the network as well as the capacity to do something about potential issues remotely.

With our platforms, we can manipulate the whole environment without having to involve the IT team,” Reynolds said.

Significant and Measurable Results

With shorter average call times and fewer disruptions, XComm’s client was able to create better customer experiences by minimizing hold times for its callers. It also helped the call center stay within the preset guidelines of its call overflow agreements with 14 healthcare company clients.

After seeing how Contact Center was able to position its client for success now, and in the future, XComm switched CoreNexa Contact Center to its main product. Reynolds called CoreNexa CC a great value proposition and the best contact center solution in the market that gives him leverage over the competition.

“If we can find someone who is already using a hosted contact center from another provider, we can take their business easily because our product is superior,” Reynolds said.

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