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Cloud Communications Success

How APIs Can Be A True Game Changer

Posted by John Miller on 2013-11-05 17:48:00

Business communications are changing at light speed, and the overarching theme is that innovators are working to keep pace with the end customer demand for better, faster, cheaper and easier-to-use communications systems. Right now, developers are keeping pace with that demand, and one significant way they’re doing it is through the development of APIs.

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API stands for Application Programming Interface; very basically, it allows two applications to communicate. It’s what enables data to be seamlessly distributed to different applications on different devices in different locations, and then updated and manipulated in real time. They’re at the heart of cloud-based Unified Communications.

APIs bring very real value to businesses. Here are some of the ways in which they can change the game for Interconnects, MSPs and their customers:

Integration in order to streamline:

APIs enable you to integrate Unified Communications to business applications such as Outlook and Salesforce.com. This streamlines business processes and the way calls are made and taken. This in turn improves productivity because it puts up-to the-minute information at the fingertips of workers.

Tighter unification of disconnected apps and platforms:

APIs have the power to create an improved user experience across applications and platforms, including mobile. The API can automate tasks and enable the sharing of data, so that fewer potential gaps exist.

API integration creates stickiness:

Interconnects and MSPs with the ability to offer API integration to the platform to their customers enable an experience that those end-user customers will love and won’t want to live without. It’s sticky. For the 3rd party solutions that integrate to the API, it makes their solution easier to use for the end-customer, meaning more frequent use and making it far more likely that they remain customers.

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CoreDial has developed its API as part of its mission to help Partners succeed. The CoreDial API enables the company to design, develop, and deploy seamless integrations with virtually any third party technology. To date, CoreDial has created plug-ins for Salesforce.com, Microsoft, its operator console and a URL agent that fits within the SwitchConnex platform.

For Interconnects and MSPs, the CoreDial API allows you to automate your workflows, thereby enabling the ability to sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for cloud communications more efficiently and effectively. For their end-user customers, the Operator Console plug-in provides click to dial, screen pops, call logging, presence, as well as visibility into their account.

The next phase for CoreDial is to provide third party access to the API so that partners and technology developers can build their own tools into the SwitchConnex platform.

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It’s all designed to create simplicity of use and meet the fast-growing need for Unified Communications. When you consider the power that APIs bring to businesses, it’s obvious that they are changing the game.

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