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Cloud Communications Success

Recent Posts by Jeff Stormer

How MSPs Can Support New Business Network Requirements With SD-WAN

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 9/9/20 7:00 PM

As remote work grows more prevalent and more long-term, businesses need to find ways to ensure essential data and voice services remain high quality and consistent. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solutions can help and are quickly becoming essential for businesses adapting to 2020’s remote workforce. This trend presents a tremendous opportunity for MSPs offering SD-WAN solutions to their customers.

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How Channel Partners Can Get the Most Out of Cloud-Based Unified Communications

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 8/26/20 4:30 PM

Hastened by the remote-work requirements brought on by COVID-19, many companies have made the transition into a digitally-oriented business model – presenting a real opportunity for channel partners offering cloud-based unified communications solutions. 

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Three Ways Channel Partners Can Help Businesses Establish Secure Videoconferencing

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 8/12/20 4:45 PM

Because of social distancing and work-from-home mandates, videoconferencing has seen a growth period like few other communications have since the advent of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). In any crisis, malicious actors eagerly take advantage of potential security breaches, and today’s pandemic is no exception.

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How Unified Communications & Business Automation Solutions Streamline Processes for MSPs & Customers Alike

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 8/5/20 4:45 PM

We’re all looking for ways to streamline our work – especially when it comes to the repetitive parts of our jobs. Luckily for customers, unified communications and business automation solutions can drive serious efficiency in companies of all sizes. The benefits shouldn’t stop at the customer: an effective UCaaS offering should provide new opportunities for efficiency for the channel partner as well.

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How Contact Center Solutions and Workforce Management Come Together to Improve Employee Training

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 7/29/20 4:30 PM

Well-trained contact center agents are a cornerstone of quality customer service. But how can businesses ensure agents have the right skills to address customer needs when call centers are notorious for their high turnover rates? The answer comes down to having the right contact center solutions and workforce management (WFM) tools in place to provide real-time support for employees.

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Identifying the Benefits of Unified Communications and How They Render ROI

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 7/22/20 4:45 PM

One of the most practical ways to sell a customer on a solution is to make them understand its return on investment (ROI). Luckily, when it comes to unified communications as a service (UCaaS), there’s no shortage of benefits to point to and ways this solution can pay for itself.

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Boosting Revenue and Streamlining Results Through Sales Enablement Solutions

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 7/15/20 4:30 PM

We all know technology is complex, and keeping up with innovation is a challenge. But for cloud service providers (CSPs), staying ahead of the curve while also managing the sales process can be a costly challenge. Luckily, effective cloud-based sales enablement solutions can help.

These tools automate essential elements of the sales process such as initiating and managing demand generation campaigns, distributing issue-oriented content, and delivering brandable sales collateral. This takes the burden off of channel partners so they can focus on what matters: pursuing qualified leads, closing deals, and adding revenue to their bottom line.

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How Contact Center Workforce Management Creates Higher-Performing Remote Teams

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 7/8/20 4:30 PM

Running a contact center is never easy, especially when you factor in the rapid shift to remote teams brought on by COVID-19. Where managers once trained and supported agents by walking the floor and observing staff, now they’re limited to what they can see onscreen, which often translates to clunky external spreadsheets and costly, “bolted-on” third-party solutions. Thankfully, there’s a solution that can help managers address this challenge: cloud-based contact center workforce management solutions.

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Uniting a Distributed Workforce: 3 Key Ways Cloud Communications Can Strengthen Remote Company Culture

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 7/1/20 6:03 PM

Though stay-at-home orders are beginning to lift, many employees are still working from home long-term, which can be taxing on company culture. Cloud communications can combat some of the disadvantages teams are facing when it comes to collaboration, cohesiveness, and employee engagement.

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Four Market Trends That Show Unified Communications' Role in the Remote Workplace

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 6/24/20 6:05 PM

Even as businesses start to re-open, Unified Communications solutions are going to play a key role in helping organizations optimize efficiency in practically every type of business environment. Let’s look at four emerging market trends that showcase how companies are integrating Unified Communications and remote teams into their long-term plans:

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The SD-WAN Opportunity: Helping Businesses Optimize Bandwidth for Voice Applications

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 6/17/20 4:46 PM

The rapid shift to remote work caused by COVID-19 has had no shortage of unexpected side effects. And even as businesses begin to re-open, there is one major challenge they’ll need to address: how to handle increased strain on network bandwidth without sacrificing the quality of voice communications.

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Why UCaaS Innovation is a Non-Stop Process

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 6/10/20 6:31 PM

We’ve all heard the saying, “The only thing constant in life is change.” When it comes to unified communications, no technology provider has the luxury of resting on its laurels. 

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