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4 Ways to Unite Marketing and Sales to Drive UCaaS Adoption

Posted by Brandon Olson on 2017-06-22 15:00:00

When marketing and sales teams work together, wondrous things happen. Both teams work towards a common goal, leading to more qualified leads and a significant boost in UCaaS sales.

Businesses that implement effective smarketing, or the process of integrating sales and marketing, techniques generate 208 percent more revenue from marketing efforts. And when sales and marketing teams work together, companies see 36 percent higher customer retention and 38 percent higher sales win rates.


There’s no doubt about it. Sales and marketing alignment is critical to maximizing revenue and lead generation. But if your sales and marketing teams don’t always see eye to eye, complete alignment can be a challenge.

Learn the best practices to ensuring sales and marketing alignment and increasing UCaaS adoption rates.

How to Close the Gap Between Sales and Marketing 

1. Schedule regular meetings

Meetings play a critical role in the alignment process. Schedule meetings to make sure everyone is updated on team progress, goals and priorities. 

Send out a meeting invite ahead of time or set up a recurring time slot. Finding time for meetings can be a challenge for anyone, but this is especially the case for busy marketers and salespeople. Scheduling ahead of time puts a meeting on everyone’s radar well before it happens and gives both teams time to prepare.

Make the most of these meetings by having a clear agenda and a leader to keep everyone on track. State the purpose of the meeting in the invite and let the attendees know if they need to prepare anything beforehand.

Use this time to share resources, best practices and how the marketing team can support sales and vice versa. The sales team can discuss what they’re hearing from prospects and customers, including:

All of this information will help the marketing team create more relevant and targeted marketing campaigns and speak to the interests of your ideal customers. These meetings will help sales and marketing set clear expectations and goals for lead generation, customer acquisition and revenue. They are also a wonderful opportunity for sales and marketing to get to know each other and learn how to work together as a team.

2. Build a glossary

Sales and marketing need to speak the same language before they can work together effectively. While your sales team may define a “lead” as one thing, it may mean something else entirely to marketing.

Minimize any confusion and misunderstanding by building a mutually-agreed-upon glossary of common marketing and sales terms. Clearly define these terms so there’s no room for misinterpretation. This glossary of terms will keep marketing and sales on the same page and provide an invaluable resource for improving workplace communication.

3. Agree on the target buyer

A rich and multi-dimensional understanding of the target audience is essential to sales and marketing alignment. If sales is trying to attract one type of buyer and marketing another, your business can’t reach its full lead generation and conversion potential.

Solve the disconnect by creating buyer personas both teams can reference and use to deliver the best results. Buyer personas are fictionalized, generalized depictions of your ideal customers. These customer profiles detail your audience’s interests, challenges, reasons for adopting UCaaS solutions, etc.

By conducting extensive market research and customer interviews, you can build the most robust buyer personas and deploy sales and marketing resources more effectively.

4. Implement the right CRM software

Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software is smart business for any company looking to unify sales and marketing. Thirty percent of marketers say having disparate data sources is the main reason why they can’t produce useful insights from customer data. 

With a CRM, sales and marketing teams gain real-time access to all of a contact’s information. They see every action a contact has ever taken: every email they opened, blog they viewed, offer they downloaded.

A CRM also allows sales and marketing to see which tactics are most effective for reaching their prospects. Keep in mind that a CRM doesn’t replace face-to-face communication entirely. Instead, think of it as a way to supplement existing processes. There will be times when a call, email or meeting will be the best option.

Sales and marketing alignment won’t happen overnight. But if you use these tips and make alignment a priority, you should start seeing a significant difference in workplace efficiency and business results.

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