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Cloud Communications Success

7 Big Things Happening in Unified Communications in 2020

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 1/22/20 5:17 PM

To kick off 2020, let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories developing in the Unified Communications sector. According to thought leaders and industry analysts, a number of
trends are expected to gain traction in the coming year:  

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The Power of Presentation: How Contact Center Solutions Help SMBs Compete With The Enterprise

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 1/15/20 5:38 PM

Small businesses need to understand a basic fact about Contact Center solutions: They’re about much more than handling incoming calls. Adding Contact Center capabilities to a business doesn’t just facilitate communication or allow agents to answer phones. A powerful and cost-effective Contact Center allows businesses, no matter how small, to present themselves as sophisticated and adept organizations.

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The ABCs of Selling Contact Center Solutions (Part 1: A to I)

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 1/8/20 5:01 PM

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Meeting the Market’s Cloud Communications Needs Through Partner Engagement

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 12/27/19 4:18 PM


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How Contact Center Solutions Help SMBs Avoid Customer Service Nightmares

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 12/13/19 3:03 PM

These days, a contact center solution isn’t just a “nice-to-have” for your customers —
it can be critical in keeping them from becoming wrapped up in a customer service nightmare.

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Contact Center 101: What is a Contact Center Solution?

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 12/4/19 4:32 PM

When companies start to think about differentiating through customer service, they inevitably arrive at one important question: “What is a Contact Center solution, and how is it different from the 'call centers' we’ve interacted with in the past?”

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What’s the Right Mobile Cloud Communications Solution for Your Customers?

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 11/1/19 4:25 PM

Research indicates that organizations are quickly transitioning to ‘mobile-centric’ environments to take advantage of new efficiencies brought forward by mobile cloud communications solutions.

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How Unified Communications Solutions Help SMBs Grow Without Expanding Costs

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 10/18/19 4:49 PM

Regardless of vertical, the ideal scenario for any SMB is the same: expand operations without expanding costs. This is where an effective Unified Communications solution can truly add value, empowering them to realize economies of scale without adding overhead.

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Driving Contact Center Success with CRM Integration

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 6/6/19 11:00 AM

For any business with a goal of longevity and growth, the importance of customer experience cannot be overstated. A customer’s trust in a company is often decided from their first interaction. If that experience is frustrating or repetitive, a customer may choose to avoid working with that business in the future; conversely, a truly stellar customer experience builds loyalty and increases stickiness over time.

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How Partners Succeed with the Healthcare Vertical Using CoreNexa Contact Center

Posted by Jeff Stormer on 3/13/19 5:13 PM

After 27 years in the communications services industry, Jeff Reynolds, general manager of XComm Communications LLC, is intimately familiar with the pain points for big companies - particularly the challenges presented when they turn to solutions pulled together from multiple sources, or rely on multiple competing partners for a communications solution. That's why, after seeing how CoreNexaTM Contact Center could eliminate inefficiencies and offer a streamlined, effective solution for clients, Reynolds found the healthcare vertical could realize significant benefits from its use.

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CoreDial Speaking at the CCA Cloud Comms Summit: Helping MSPs Differentiate Their Businesses

Posted by Ken Lienemann on 6/25/18 2:38 PM

Managed services providers (MSPs) are witnessing an evolution toward “digital transformation.” Businesses and customers that once only used the most basic communications tools are now investing in hosted services and cloud-based infrastructures to add capabilities to help them compete and thrive in a new digital era. As this model continues to gain traction, it’s become the solution provider’s responsibility to make sure the “As-a-Service” paradigm is relevant and cost-effective for each customer by mastering and managing an endless array of technologies through disparate vendors. Through it all, the MSP must find a way to maintain profit margins while constantly infusing value to preserve and flourish client relationships.

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Differentiate Yourself with Vertical Contact Center Solutions

Posted by Rick McFarland on 6/1/18 3:00 PM

Let’s face it: it’s getting harder to sell a phone system. Business customers no longer care what label is on the phone, and they rarely want to lay out an additional expenditure for new hardware. Instead, they care about business outcomes and results. In the case of a contact center solution, they want to know what it does—whether it integrates with their back-office systems and tools, and if it fits into their overall, often legacy, environment. They want a customized and easy-to-deploy software-based system that allows agents to deliver a more satisfying customer service experience. Why? Because it ultimately translates into more business. Offering features that enhance the ability of a business to expediently and holistically resolve customer issues is a clear path to increased revenues for VARs, MSPs, or IT Solutions Providers.

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