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Own Your Brand, Own Your Customers, White Label Your Services

Posted by Brandon Olson on 9/23/16 4:00 PM

As an IT service provider, you’ve put in countless hours finding new customers, selling them the products and services they need, and maintaining a strong relationship with them over time. So you’re probably very protective of your customers, right? You take any threat to the relationship you have with your customer very seriously.

Whether it’s a competitor who starts calling on your customer or a new technology that’s changing your customer’s outlook on their communication needs, you know that outside factors can have a significant impact on the relationship you have with your customer, and consequently the success of your business.

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Customer Demands: Why SMBs Are Adopting UC Solutions

Posted by Brandon Olson on 9/15/16 5:03 PM

More small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are turning to unified communications (UC) to keep their overhead low and ensure a seamless communications flow.

These needs are supported even further in Gartner’s Market Trends: How CSPs Can Better Tackle the SMB Opportunity. The report provides valuable data about the individual needs of SMBs compared to large businesses when it comes to keeping up with digital trends.

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How to Meet Changing Customer Needs with UCaaS

Posted by Brandon Olson on 9/9/16 12:00 PM

Companies come in all shapes and sizes—no two are exactly alike. The same can be said about their business requirements for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Whether they’re looking for better ways to connect a remote workforce or cost-saving opportunities, your ability to provide customized solutions that meet your customers' unique and ongoing communication needs is critical. On top of that, your customers’ needs change over time—what they need today isn’t necessarily what they’ll need six months or a year from now.

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White Label VoIP Reseller: A No-Brainer for Smart Resellers

Posted by Lisa King on 8/26/16 2:31 PM

By the Numbers

First, consider the potential market. The numbers vary based on their source as well as the very definition of the VoIP market, but they all look highly favorable. According to one source, global demand for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services market is expected to reach above $140 billion in 2021. That’s up from approximately $83 billion in 2015. It is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of above 9.1% between 2016 and 2021.

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10 Reasons to Be a White Label Partner for UCaaS Solutions

Posted by Lisa King on 8/19/16 4:30 PM

A quick online search will yield numerous articles on the benefits of being a white label partner providing UCaaS solutions — and for good reason. There’s an abundance of proven benefits.

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Better Serve SMBs with Unified Communications

Posted by Lisa King on 8/12/16 3:43 PM

The unified communications (UC) market is growing and offers numerous opportunities for service providers who understand the needs and priorities of the customers most likely to be interested in these services, as well as those that can best benefit from them. Many of those customers are small to medium-sized businesses (SMB). If you’re not yet offering your SMB customers and prospects unified communication solutions, including SIP trunking, you’re missing out.

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Cloud Communications: The Small Business Growth Enabler

Posted by Lisa King on 8/4/16 4:05 PM

Despite what many pundits will say, it can be challenging to be a small business. Many small companies deal with limited resources while having to work extremely hard  to attract and retain customers, maintain margins and keep costs under control all while competing against both peers and larger companies. There’s constant pressure to improve sales, enhance service delivery and reduce costs. Growing the business? Well, the challenges are many.

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Position Your Company as the Go-to Resource for Cloud Communications

Posted by Lisa King on 7/29/16 4:45 PM

On-premise PBX systems have been steadily declining while hosted VoIP services have been growing by double digits. By 2020, North American companies will have over 27 million employees using cloud communications tools.

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White Label VoIP Reseller: The Impact of Recurring Revenue

Posted by Lisa King on 7/21/16 4:33 PM

Odd as it may sound, not all revenue is created equal. Revenue that is predictable and consistent can be more valuable and profitable than one-time, big payments. That’s one of the key benefits of being a white label VoIP reseller.

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White Label Partnering: The Secret to Customer Loyalty

Posted by Lisa King on 7/15/16 11:46 AM

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition and earn your customers’ loyalty as well as their business, there are three words to keep in mind: white label partner. Here’s why.

Thanks to the Internet, customers now have more control than ever over the buying-selling process. They are more informed and increasingly savvy. They can easily access just about any information regarding products and services over the Internet in real time, from specifications to customer reviews to case studies.

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